House Hacking Resources

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House Hacking Calculator

If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know if you have a deal (and Kevin O’Leary will yell at you!). Use this free house hacking calculator to run your numbers when analyzing potential deals.

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Bookkeeping Software

House hacking property finances made easy. House hackers can easily automated income and expense tracking, personalized reporting, track important documents and lease dates, and more.

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House Hacking Guide

Learn everything you need to know about house hacking in one place. What house hacking is, strategies, deal analysis, and more.

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Population Growth

Population growth is a critical demographic data point – learn how to accurately and correctly calculate how much a market’s population is growing.

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Upwork Virtual Assistant

Delegation is a critical skill to learn in not only real estate, but all business. Great books like the Four Hour Work Week and Virtual Freedom explain it’s important. Learn how to find and hire high-quality VA’s.

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Applicant Tracker

Using an applicant tracker will not only help you keep track of and analyze each tenant’s application; it will also serve as an organized document to refer to if your screening process is ever questioned.

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Deal Analysis Vault

Review real-world examples of house hack deal analyses. Learn what a good, bad, or even mediocre house hack deal looks like.

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Timeline Tracker

The important dates in a real estate transaction can easily get buried with all the documentation that gets exchanged.